Snapchat’s Daily User Base Jumps To A Massive 120% in India

snapchat-indiaAs stated by the latest reports, Snapchat has seen an active rise of 120% in its daily active user base in India. This massive jump was witnessed around the month of March this year.

In an interview with Nana Murugesan, the Managing Director of Snapchat, it was reported that the company has been expanding its reach and team in India and they are planning to focus on bringing about and developing culturally relevant products, community engagements and partnerships.

Murugesan also added that they have seen a massive growth in the Indian user base of Snapchat with a jump to 120% and this is in comparison with the last financial year. He also stated that they have added new functions to the Indian team in its Mumbai office and are actively hiring employees to expand their team.

He also stated that they have introduced support in 5 more languages in the last six months. They have also launched additional features to celebrate Indian festivals and cultural occurrences. Currently, we can see an Indian Actress Tapsee Pannu, who has been onboarded by Snapchat as a Snap star. They have also added many more exciting lenses and have partnered with local media brands and advertisers as a strategic plan to grow their Indian Base. Apart from this, the augmented reality remains as one of the core reasons which enables engagement in Indian audience.

The Snapchat MD also says that they are excited to host their first Lensathon which is in partnership with Skillenza and apparently this is reported to reach over 5 lakh developers in India. This will be seen as a big step in taking Augmented Reality forward along with the community which in turn will improve the App experience for existing and potential Snapchatters.

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