Google Witnesses An Increase In State-Backed Hacking And Phishing

Google-Hacking-PhishingAs reported by Security experts in Alphabet Inc Google have sent out 1,755 warnings in total in the month of April to those users whose accounts were being targeted of government based-attackers, which has seen a surprise in the amount of hacking and phishing activities related to the coronavirus pandemic situation.

On Wednesday, Google reported that its Threat Analysis Group has seen from hack-for-hire firms and most of them being based out of India which have been engaging in creating fake Gmail accounts while burlesque the World Health Organisation (WHO). The main targets by these accounts have been business leaders in financial services, along with consulting and health service corporations in a lot of countries which include namely United States,  Bahrain, Cyprus, Slovenia, Canada, India and UK.

Google has reported that it continuos to see attacks from these accounts on healthcare and medical professionals including the employees of the World Health Organisation, who are continuously seeking information about the pandemic. As a measure to contain this problem, Google has removed more than 1000s of YouTube Channels who might be a suspect of this mass bombardment of Hacking and Phishing that were operating in unanimity. It is time that will let us know if this play by Google will bear its fruits or not.

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