Google Intervenes Against Massive Ratings Attack On TikTok, Removes 5 Million Reviews

TikTok-GoogleThe latest intervention of Google in removing over 5 million negative reviews from Play Store has resulted in a massive drop of TikTok User reviews from 27 million to 22 million at the present moment

TikTok has constantly been in news for the last few weeks because of various reasons, and mostly wrong reasons. The public sentiments have suddenly gone against the Chinese-video making App TikTok and is causing a massive amount of negative reviews for the App on Play Store. There have been many Tweets going around with hashtags used implying to ban the Chinese Video App in India with immediate action.

There has been a continuous downfall in TikTok’s rating in Play Store – falling from 4 stars to 2 stars and now has hit the 1.6-star mark. It had further fallen to 1.2 stars but due to Google’s intervention, it is back to 1.6 stars again.

According to Nobert Elekes, Google has removed around 5 million views overnight which has caused TikTok’s rating to rise from 1.2 stars to 1.6 stars at the present moment. It is still unknown as to why has Goggle taken such a measure, but it surely has and in turn this has helped in improving its ratings overnight.

This all began with a video which went viral which was created by a TikTok User named Faizal Siddiqui, who by his act was seen promoting acid attack on women. Not only did he receive major criticism and negative comments for his actions, but also Faizal Siddiqui’s account has been officially banned and his videos have been removed.

Another reason to be brought into notice was the video created by Carry Minati, a famous Indian YouTuber who created a video named YouTube Vs TikTok which actually was based between the current rivalry between the users of both the platforms. This video was taken down by YouTube stating law infringement of YouTube terms and conditions.

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