Google Deleted Negative TikTok Reviews : Here’s Why

TikTok-GoogleRunning down the memory lane, a few weeks back we were readings news about people bashing TikTok with negative views and giving the Chinese-based Application 1- Star. The rating for the Application had reached as low as 1.2 -Stars and there seemed to way out of it. And then Google intervened and took their ratings back to square one. So that’s what it is, history, becauseĀ  TikTok is back to its rating with 4.4 Stars on Google Play Store.

Google’s intervention was a big question mark. TikTok lost its rating to the atrocious video display by one of its users promoting acid attack amongst women. In the last few weeks. Google has cleared and removed a massive amount of 80 Lakhs+ reviews from the Google Play Store. But the question still remains, Why did Google go against the public sentiments and revive TikTok reviews?

The reason behind doing so is Google’s concerning user reviews. Reviews were being posted from different accounts which counts as spamming. Google does not allow this as it counts as manipulating the App rating. Also, on an addition to the above, Google does not allow political views of the public to determine the review of an application.

With Coronavirs being originated from Wuhan, this just became another reason for the people to show mass hate towards the app and throw protests on social media to ban the same.

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