Google Launches A New App That Aims To Maintain Social Distancing

google_sodar_Everyone is trying to contribute in bits and pieces to improve the current situation and so is Google. Google has come up with a brand new Mobile Application that will help people maintain physical distance and in turn maintain social distancing. This application uses Augmented Reality to ensure social distancing. The App is still in its experimental stage and is not yet available on Google play as of now. The Application named SodarĀ can be downloaded separately from chrome.

Sodar will function by using augmented reality. The app will create a visual boundary in accordance with the users mobile camera and will be continuously showing the amount of distance to be maintained and if at all someone is breaching into their boundary, they will come to know about that too. Sodar uses WebXR to help create a visual metre for maintaining social distancing by creating a virtual 2-metre ring around the user.

The App recognises the current location of the user and keeps moving with the change in the users spot. If at all another person breaches into the 2-metre boundary, the Application will immediately report the same and necessary action an be taken against the breached. As of now, the Application can be downloaded using Google Chrome as it is not available on Google Play Store. This is a great measure taken up by Google and will indeed help in maintaining efficient and proper social distancing amongst people.


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