Google’s CEO Says Open To Working With Apple

Google-Apple-cook-and-pichaiWhen asked if Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai would want to work with Apple on other projects in future, Pichai gave a green signal to it and says that he is open for future work collaboration with Apple.

Recently, a collaboration was witnessed between Google and Apple which brought about the Contact- Tracing API. This was implemented and executed in the recent wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in order to create contact tracking applications to slow down the spread of the virus. It was a shock to see Google and Apple team up and work towards developing such a project, as both the tech-giants are rivals to each other.

The teamwork and joint effort put in by both the companies must have been successful and a great experience for both the tech-giants as Pichai says he is absolutely open for a future collaboration with Apple. When Sundar Pichai was asked if this was a one-time occurrence, he stated that big companies that work together for doing something good for the society are good for the world, hinting possible future collaborations to be expected by the Tech-Giants.

Both Apple and Google have a strong and firm belief in Privacy and Transparency in a project like this, is of huge importance and they are open to creating a system that does not intrude or intervene in users personal privacy in any way. Another reason stated by Apple and Google to team up was because if different applications came into use, one from each company, then it reduces the efficiency and doesn’t serve the main cause for which it had been designed.

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