Google Believes In Racial Equality,Pichai Says “You Are Not Alone..”

Google-PichaiOn Sunday, Google and YouTube as a mark of respect have put up a black ribbon showing harmony for protests against the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, in police custody. Google with a message on their home page also stated that they are in support of racial equality and justice. The same message was also seen on the US home page of Google-owned YouTube.

Pichai has recently tweeted stating his support for racial equality on Google and YouTube home pages with regards to the recent incident that took place in the US, with regards to the killing of George Floyd and many others who have been the victim of this social evil. Pichai in his tweet also added that those who are feeling anger, rage and seek justice towards this situation, you are not alone.

As a mark of respect, Google has also postponed its Android 11 launch which was dated to occur through an online event on June 3rd due to the protests in the US. A week ago, a police officer gagged an African-American man Floyd, to death by bowing on his neck in Minneapolis.

A few states in the US emitted in fights after the video circulated around the web. The uproars extending from New York on the east coast to Los Angeles on the west shook the country that was simply starting to loosen up the COVID-19 limitations taking steps to spread the ailment.


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