Apple Plans To Open Retail Stores Worldwide: Starts With US

apple-stores-to-reopenApple Inc will this week revive more than 25 of its marked stores in the United States, a company representative said on Sunday, proceeding with a steady procedure that has opened entryways at about a fifth of its overall retail outlets.

The iPhone creator in March shut every one of its stores outside of Greater China because of the spread of the coronavirus. It began closing more than 50 Greater China stores in January and revived them by mid-March.

The head of Apple’s retail, Deirdre O’Brien wrote on Sunday in a note on the company’s website stating that they commit to reopening the Apple retail stores when they feel that the environment is safe to do so. He also says that these are not decisions that are going to be rushed into so all the precautionary measures will be taken.

The stores will observe strict social distancing and limit the number of customers inside the retail outlet at a particular period of time. Apple has 510 stores worldwide and 217 stores in the United States alone. The company plans to reopen up to 25 stores in the US and the same is being expected globally as well.

O’Brien also said that temperature checks will be conducted and all staff and customers will be obligated to wear face masks. Apple will provide face masks to customers who don’t bring in their own and will follow the rules around social distancing very strictly.

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