Apple Glasses Leaked, Planning To Launch This Year. Steve Jobs Edition Also Available

Apple is surely not going to be happy hearing this news. Apple was secretly planning to launch the Apple Glass as part of Steve Job’s famous “One More Thing” during its iPhone 12 event this year. Now, famous tipster Jon Prosser has confirmed that Apple has completed work on its new accessory – Apple Glass. Apple is planning to price Apple Glasses at $499 plus prescription charges. As with all Apple products, the Apple Glasses will be extremely sleek and just like the Apple Watch, it would come in a lot of variants.

Customers will be able to see things through it while it continues to display information via a lot of Apps. A separate App Store will likely be launched for Apple Glasses. Apple is also planning to launch a “Steve Jobs” heritage edition which would resemble the one that Jobs famously wore.

Apple Glasses will likely support complete wireless charging. The Apple Watch will go as a great accessory along with the Apple Glass.