6 Career Opportunities for CompTIA Security+ Certification Holders

Pursuing a CompTIA certification can be a great career move. If you want to get your foot in the cybersecurity field, then Security+ is the right badge for you. Whether you want to work in the government or a private organisation, this credential will ensure you’re always up for the tasks. There are various job positions that you can apply for after obtaining your CompTIA Security+.

This article covers more about the job roles, so you can fully know what awaits you in the job market. But first of all, let’s explore the CompTIA SY0-501 exam, which you have to pass to get the Security+ certificate.

Important details related to CompTIASY0-501 exam

If you want to advance your career, taking the SY0-501 certification test is a great option. You will be learning the topics and dveloping the skills that you will need while performing your security tasks. They include the following:

Threats, attacks, as well as vulnerabilities;
Risk management;
Network technologies and tools;
Implementation of secure network architectures and design;
Cryptography & PKIs;
Management controls for identity as well as access.

As for the exam structure, you’ll have about 90 questions that come in different formats, for example, multiple choice and performance-based. Answering these questions takes 90 minutes, and the minimum marks to score are 750/900. The candidates should pay $349 as a fee.Studying the domains above and passing this CompTIA test with a high score validates your preparedness for the job roles that the Security+ certificate offers. Let’s take a closer look at them visit CompTIA A+ Practice Test – Security Plus – Network+ N10-007 – A+ 220-1001 – A+ 220-1002 Questions.

Job roles for CompTIA Security+ certification holders

It’s not enough to validate your skills through the exam. The employers would also like to see that once you get your foot in the cybersecurity sector, you can actually keep it there. So, make it your business to get the proficient skills that you can apply in any actual world security challenges. As you pursue the CompTIA Security+ certification, here are some of the job titles you’ll be striving for.

1. Systems Administrator: These specialists are responsible for the tasks, such as the installation and configuration of hardware, software, and networks. They also must be skilled in monitoring the performance of systems as well as troubleshooting issues. The organizations also usually look for those individuals who can take up the task of training other members of staff on any new technologies, which is what a systems administrator needs to be able to do. PayScale records the average annual salary of these professionals in the amount of $62,083.

2. Security Administrator: Identifying threats and preventing them, performing vulnerability, well as penetration testing across all segments of the network, and monitoring network traffic to check for any suspicious behaviour are just some of the responsibilities of a security administrator.The ability of this specialist to configure security systems, such as firewalls, antivirus, and more is also an important part.Moreover, these professionals must be skilled in analysing current requirements for security and in creating network policies as well as file access authorization roles. Their average annual pay is $85,379 as per a report on the ZipRecruiter website.

3. Security Specialist: These specialists work with the engineers and architects in creating security standards applicable across an organization’s network. Their tasks include defending internal networks from external interferences and configuring security hardware as well as software (firewalls, antivirus programs, and updates for operating systems). The security professionals are also charged with detecting any unauthorized access to the company’s systems, authorizing personnel by providing login credentials, and carrying out network security audits.The latest PayScale data on the annual salary of these individuals says that the average pay is $67,817.

4. Penetration Tester: These security professionals, also called as the ethical hackers, are tasked with the responsibilities that include conducting tests on networks as well as applications, assessing physical security, and conducting security audits. They’re also involved in analyzing security policies and writing reports for security assessment. ZipRecruiter says that these highly-skilled specialists are expected to earn $115,657 per year visit certbolt.com.

5. Security Consultant: These experts are involved in assessing security solutions, selling them to the new customers, and researching threat risks. They are also responsible for giving regular security updates and implementing management tools for encryption.As a security consultant, you must ensure that there are no data breaches in the system. Especially, this is critical when you consider how frequently data breaches occur around the world. This means you always have to be on alert and work effectively in risk management. According to the PayScale salary report, your expected average annual paycheck is $85,744.

6. Security Engineer: The qualified engineers with the CompTIA Security+ certification have the relevant skills in engineering, implementing, and monitoring security measures. This is done to protect computer systems, information, and networks. They also must have the ability to identify and define security requirements for systems, design computer security infrastructures, and develop detailed designs for cybersecurity. According to ZipRecruiter, these specialists earn about $115,617 per annum. This makes this role a very lucrative one.


The job outlook for the security professionals continue to grow due to threats that keep evolving every other day. This demonstrates how anyone who invests in his/her skills in this field will have more opportunities. Also, the possibility of getting chances for promotion is high. Obtaining the CompTIA Security+ credential should be in your plan in case you haven’t planned it yet. And since the SY0-501 exam is the pathway to this certificate, you need to prepare your mind for passing it. So get ready for the rewards of the cybersecurity world by taking action today!