Top 5 Android Launcher Apps

Don’t you ever feel tired of the same old interface of your Android device? You may be going to use the same device for the many months and years to come, but don’t let that be an excuse to not spice up your experience. Keeping your sanity in mind, we’ve rounded up the top 5 Android launcher apps to take your device to the next level:-

Nova Launcher – Free/$4.99

The Nova Launcher has to be the most comprehensive launcher out there. It features an immensely wide array of customizations ranging from gestures to scroll effects to custom grids and many more. You can either use the free version or purchase the prime version to unlock a variety of features including gestures and icon swipes.

Evie Launcher – Free

The Evie Launcher sets itself apart with its really simple design that makes the experience more fluid and intuitive. It saves your home screen from a lot of clutter and there’s a handy search function that can be easily accessed to find all your apps quickly. The best part of this app is that it’s absolutely free to use without any ads or in-app purchases.

Apex Launcher – Free/$8.99

We found the Apex Launcher to strike a great balance between customizability and usability. The app includes a lot of icon packs and themes to personalize your interface. Even with heavily loaded themes we found the launcher to run in extreme fluidity. Another cool feature is the app lock function through which you can chose to lock or hide certain apps.

Microsoft Launcher – Free

Microsoft has managed to put a really nice spin-off into their launcher. This has to be the most unique launcher on our list. We found the design to be really simplistic and practical that suits the needs of a professional. A stand out feature of this launcher is its feed section that consists of the glance, news, and timeline. This is a really handy section that provides all the necessary information in one place. Did we forget to mention that this launcher is absolutely free to use as well?

Niagara Launcher –  Free*

The Niagara Launcher is another minimalist launcher that gets rid of all clutter from your device. They managed to bring out minimalism along with elegance which brings a really interesting experience. All the features within the app are adaptable to different themes, wallpapers and fonts that the user wishes to apply. Much to the likes of the Evie Launcher, this is another launcher that you absolutely need to take a shot at.

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