Is The New iPad Pro With Trackpad Moving Towards Becoming A MacBook?

Apple’s Senior Vice President for Software Engineering, Craig Federighi just presented the new iPad Pro 2020 trackpad and keyboard functionality which brings up the question – isn’t the new iPad Pro just becoming another MacBook with very little differentiation between the two product lines?

Craig demonstrates the brilliant new functionality of Magic Keyboard that comes with a built in trackpad for the iPad Pro. It allows users to get a complete MacBook like trackpad experience on an iPad. Apple has built in complete cursor support for the iPad which flows seamlessly.

With these advancements, Apple is simply making the iPad more like a MacBook and there is less room for differentiation. Ofcourse, this would allow Apple fans to have a more powerful work experience on an iPad, but the iPad was meant to serve a different category all together and not just become a MacBook with a touch screen and detachable display.

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