Google Won’t Be Doing Any April Fools This Year

COVID-19 or Coronavirus had a huge impact on this year’s business in more ways than you can imagine. Every year in the month of April, there is a tradition in all tech companies to come up with some sort of a prank. But this year, Google has decided not to participate in such a tradition. This is due to the global coronavirus outbreak. An insider said that an e-mail was sent to all employees stating that the company would not be participating in any kind of April fool activity. It also mentioned that they should be respectful and save their jokes for next April. The world is still fighting an enemy, which is Corona Virus and a tech giant like Google has decided to avoid any jokes or pranks. Google looks forward to a bright future ahead of humanity.

Recently, Google launched a website that contains all the resources and information related to COVID-19. The purpose of this website is to offer prevention, education and local resources related to the coronavirus. In an official blog, it stated that it saw the need for information regarding COVID-19 was growing rapidly. So, the company is introducing a more comprehensive experience for COVID-19 searches, providing authentic data, easy to access information from health authorities, alongside new data and visualisations. The new algorithm helps the user to navigate easily through information and resources. This will also make adding more new data to the site as it surfaces possible.