Best Apps And Online Services To Help In Studying

Technology is advancing at such a rate that other means of learning cannot push students to their potential. The development of applications, internet, and online services offers platforms for learning, sharing information, and interacting. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops will help you achieve learning goals using these apps and websites.

Amazon Kindle

It’s an old learning application that provides a platform to the student where they can access a series of e-books. The app is a subset designed and marketed Amazon company. Students can buy, download, and read reference guides and books. E-books in Amazon Kindle are considerably cheaper compared to their respective physical ones. It’s a helpful platform for students to obtain their learning materials.

Microsoft Live Office

It is an online, web-based service for consumers to share and create documents for free. This service provides users with online storage of up to 5 gigabytes where one can save all file forms of Microsoft Office formats. Professional writers who write my essay for me co uk use Microsoft Live Office to save custom essay files. Also, you can share password-protected documents on a workspace. Students can use this service to create, store, and share documents, or collaborate as a group.

Essay Writing Services

Students may have stress with a pile of assignments on the table. Writing services are here to help you out by giving you a platform where you can hire professional writers for your essays and research papers. Online essay writers guarantee you quality custom essays and timely delivery. Professional writing companies also offer their customers unlimited access to sample documents to help them in writing. You should look for a genuine writing company that guarantees privacy and offers good terms of use/service.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is one of the leading new online learning platforms with an exciting history. It is a subsidiary component of LinkedIn that offers online courses and tutorials on professional skills. Lynda’s online services are available in LinkedIn learning. LinkedIn’s emphasis on education equals its primary role where people create and maintain their professional profiles in public as well as looking for a job (Ingrind Lunden, 2016). This application can be used by students to learn job skills.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free data storage online-based service offered by Google. Students can interact with one another while storing and editing data. Students can create, read, and save files all file formats. Students can use the research tool to learn more about the topics (Harrison Weber, 2012). It is helpful to students who cannot purchase the full Microsoft Office software.

Resume writing service

Every student would want to acquire a dream job from beast organizations after studies. To achieve that, you should have an eye-catching and informative resume. Companies that offer engineering resume writing services help students in building quality resumes using various templates with custom information from students. Students can also learn resume writing skills by obtaining resume samples from these companies.


Mathematics is indeed the most challenging subject in school. PhotoMath is a free mobile application developed to help students with math problems. The app can read and solve mathematical expressions when a student points the camera at the problem. PhotoMath is very beneficial in that it offers step by step guide to show the student how to arrive at the answer (Amit Chowdhry, 2014). It uses optical character recognition technology to scan, read, and solve printed basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, etc. within seconds. Students can use this app to interpret and understand fundamental math concepts.


Technology, Entertainment, and Design are the main subjects in this application. TED app is a platform for browsing, downloading, and viewing TED conference talks short videos from experts discussing respective topics, not exceeding 18 minutes (Phillip Baker, 2020). You can bookmark featured talks for offline listening and watching. The TED library contains all videos in one place for students to learn and enjoy at no cost. Using this app, students can add something to what they learn in class by listening to educational talks on various topics.

Translation Services

Online translation agencies offer a full range of translation services around the world. Students can translate any form of text, from any language to another, depending on their requirements. You can also use online translation services to translate websites and web pages, RSS feeds for free. This online feature helps students in learning where documents are not in their required language. Students can enter text, choose their required language, click translate, and download the resulting translated document.

Wolfram Alpha

It is a search engine used to search computational disciplines in advanced math, finance, and business. It can help students of higher-level classes with learning styles to understand more complex data. Other important educational tools offered by the Wolfram Group include various math courses and reference guides for many disciplines. The Wolfram Alpha Pro version is quite affordable for students at $3 per month (Bradford, 2013).


School life can be hectic if students do not get the right learning materials for their assignments. Learning is now exciting with advancing educational apps and online services. These applications and online services help students with educational materials. But you should choose genuine service, which does not sabotage your privacy.