Apple Closes All Stores Till March 27th

Apple has announced today that in response to the COVID-19 Virus, they have decided to shut down all of its stores outside of China till March 27th. Apple sees a lot of traffic in all of its stores on a daily basis and this move will definitely have an impact on sales. In a press release, Apple has also mentioned that the company has already donated around $15 million towards COVID-19 efforts.

Tim Cook mentioned that Apple will be paying all of its hourly workers just as if the stores were open. If any employee has any issue which is caused by the COVID-19 virus, Apple will be taking complete care and also will be providing additional leave policies.

“What we’ve learned together has helped us all develop the best practices that are assisting enormously in our global response,” Cook wrote. “One of those lessons is that the most effective way to minimize risk of the virus’s transmission is to reduce density and maximize social distance. As rates of new infections continue to grow in other places, we’re taking additional steps to protect our team members and customers.”, said Tim Cook.

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