Samsung Flip’s Split-Screen Mode Will Be Available For Other Phones Soon

Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy Z Flip has a unique split-screen mode which allows you to do some really cool stuff. According to Google, the new model is not only for Samsung’s foldable phones but also for other brands. The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is making a new trend of foldable phones. They aren’t new to the smartphone industry, but they are providing many essential features which the other phones lack.

The best feature the phone has its split-screen mode which Samsung called ‘Flex mode’. The mode transfers the display into two equal 4 inches screens. The feature allows you to do a lot of things. For example, you can video call on the top half of the screen and controls the call on the bottom half. Also, you can watch a youtube video on the top screen and search for the other videos on the bottom half. This mode is developed by Samsung in association with Google. But according to Google, this feature will be available for all the Android smartphone makers soon.

The Flex-mode helps the phone to utilize its foldable design. The new clam-shell design is going to be regular in the upcoming phones. Microsoft is also looking to release its Surface Duo which has a similar concept of a foldable phone. Although Microsoft is not calling it a phone. Also, we don’t know whether the device has this new Split-screen mode or not.

It’s already clear that Samsung is way ahead of its competitors. We might see many new updates and improvements in this new foldable technology.

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