Microsoft Surface Duo Images Leaked Online

After been in the talks for almost a year, Microsoft’s Surface Duo was spotted in Vancouver, Canada. The image was shared by a twitter user yesterday. The image gives us a glimpse of the new device.

The picture actually surprised many fans as the new foldable device was run on Android. After Microsoft’s failure of its own OS for smartphones, they’re slowly turning towards Android. There is not much time left for its launch now, but Microsoft is surely upgrading the device every passing time. The prototype that was revealed in October didn’t have a dedicated front flash but, in the latest pictures, we can clearly see a front flash. This could be the hint for the absence of a rear camera for the device. Users probably need to fold the device in order to click pictures with the rear camera. The prototype we saw a few months back also didn’t have any rear camera.

Foldable devices aren’t new for the industry. Many brands like Samsung, LG, ZTE, and more have already launched their foldable devices in the past. Microsoft’s competition is very big and competitive. Also, we have to look at how Microsoft will adopt Android for its upcoming phones and devices. Microsoft isn’t calling this device a smartphone yet. We haven’t seen the device so, we can just assume what the device is going to offer. Also, how Android in a Microsoft device is going to work that will be exciting to see.

We can now just wait and predict until the official release what the device will actually offer to its users.