Google’s New Artist Management Service – DEMAND

Google has launched a new venture dubbed DEMAND, for musicians. This helps the artist’s management and PR team. The aim is to provide an artist with the right data for scheduling their concerts at the best venues and best price.

The venture is supported by Google’s vast database and statistics. Many essential data will be given to artists by Google, recorded on Play service, YouTube and many more to get the best results. The goal is to find the best cities and venues for a specific artist. Which bands already famous in that specific region, which additional acts should be added in the event or what should be the best price for that specific tour or event all this data will be provided to the artists which will help them to nullify errors during the management of the event. It also focuses on the target audience, whether the audience is familiar or interested in that specific theme of the concert.

DEMAND gives artists an inside of where they stand in the market and the industry. It will really help the newbies in the industry to identify their target audience and region with some genuine information. Also, after the announcement of an event, how the audience responds to that specific event, which helps the management to analyze the future sales of the ticket and its pricing.

Even though DEMAND targets live events and concerts, it is also looking forward to gaining market in esports, video gaming, travel, healthcare like in the dental niche with dentists like this Dentist In Boynton Beach and many more in the future.