Google Pixel Phones Might Get ‘Ultra-Low Power Mode’ Soon

After seeing the reviews and reactions of Google Pixel 4, the company has decided to add the ‘Ultra low power mode’ to tackle the battery issue. The feature was detected through changes in Android Code.

The feature will turn to Dark Theme to consume the least battery. The apps which are working in the background will automatically stop. Also, your phone will start sending location if your screen is turned off, your notifications might be delayed, apps only refresh content, like email or news, when you look at the app, Google Assistant’s features are restricted. 

This feature will easily neutralize Pixel’s problem of poor battery. Pixel is a premium smartphone and it has many competitors like Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, etc. which are in this market since long. To sustain this segment Google quickly needs to improve its phones. This kind of feature is provided by Samsung as well and is dubbed “emergency mode,” This turns everything greyscale and disables all ‘unnecessary’ apps with WiFi and Bluetooth to save battery. Samsung assures to update battery backup up to more than an hour.

This change in the Android codes was pointed out by XDA’s Mishal Rahman in a tweet. He says – Speculation: “Ultra low power” mode may be a feature of the Pixel 5. This commit was just submitted to AOSP by a “System Power Engineer” at Google. 

We might see this feature in Pixel 5 instead of Pixel 4A which is going to launch soon.