Google Will Inform You If Your Password Is Hacked

It’s the “Safer Internet Day” today and on this occasion, Google has shared a feature that can tell you whether any of your passwords are hacked or not.

The Google Password Checkup feature tells the user many things including the passwords which are linked to other apps and sites. But its basic function is to tell you if any of your passwords have been hacked or if the same password has been used for a number of times.

The Internet’s credibility is dropping since Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing in the US Senate. Your privacy just relies on your password and if it is hacked then your privacy is just a joke. And that’s the reason, Google introduced this feature. Google shared this feature via a tweet on their official Twitter account.

You can access that feature by clicking here.

The Password Checker also has the option where you can access the passwords of the apps and sites which are linked to your Google account. By this option, you can change, edit or delete your passwords. If you want to delete your password you have to click the delete button. By clicking the delete button you’ll get a prompt which will ask your permission for deleting the password. For example, if you want to delete your Netflix password it’ll show something like this-  “Are you sure you want to delete your password from your Google Account? Google will no longer be able to you sign in”

Google’s move to gain some credibility and to maintain its image as a reliable brand is getting a mixed response by the users.