New Google Maps Design Now Live

On its 15th anniversary, Google Maps has got a new logo. The app has also been redesigned for iOS and Android. The change took place on February 6th and has now officially released for both the platforms.

The focus is to design more enhanced navigation for the users. The “For You” tab has been renamed to “Updates.” while the “Explore” and “Commute” are same as the last version. The “Your Places” is now “Saved” and it is shifted from the navigation drawer to the bottom bar. It also has a tab “contribute” which allows locals to share information about that particular place or event. There are many options that were placed in the navigation drawer that have now shifted to the new full-screen page which you can access by clicking your profile avatar in the top-right corner.

Google is looking to improve its navigation also because of many complaints from users which blamed Google Maps for giving them wrong directions. Even though this was the secondary improvement, they’re still working on it. The main focus was to redesign the app experience and make it very user-friendly. Most of the people like this update while many of them rated it as average. The update killed the iconic Google Maps logo. For many people, it’s very surprising to see the pin logo instead of the traditional. But, the new design has improved the user experience a lot. Everything is very sorted and categorized.