Google Announces Ambient Mode For OnePlus Phones

Google is now adding Ambient Mode for OnePlus phones. OnePlus phone customers can now enjoy this feature by Google on their phones.

The Ambient Mode which launched last year for some Nokia phones was followed by Xiaomi and now it’s finally releasing for OnePlus. The feature will be available for OnePlus 3 and above phones only.


The Ambient Mode helps you to turn your phone into a smart display. You can use Assistant in Ambient Mode to see updates around your calendar entries, weather, reminders, etc. There still many things you can do through this app. For example, you can control music playbacks or you can turn your device into a digital photo frame. You can access that feature by going to  Google app -> More -> Settings -> Google Assistant -> Assistant tab -> Devices. After doing this, your phone can turn Ambient Mode while charging. OnePlus phones will receive a software update, through which this mode will be available for the users.

This feature can help its users to control many things by their phones while it is charging. This adds up to OnePlus’s highly optimized OxygenOS. The OS considered as one of the best Operating System will benefit a lot through this Google feature.

OnePlus is the biggest competitor of Apple. OnePlus Provides the same features for almost half-price of Apple. By adding these kinds of features, OnePlus will surely attract many new customers and increase its share in the premium smartphone market.


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