Facebook Lite Gets Dark Mode On Android

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Facebook Lite which was primarily made for low-end devices is now getting dark mode even before the main app. It has now joined the Whatsapp and Instagram in this new “wave” of dark mode.

Facebook, which owns Whatsapp and Instagram has rolled out the dark mode for both the apps but still the main Facebook app. But now Facebook Lite is getting the dark mode before the main app. The dark mode changes the whole user interface of the app in the back and white theme. The mode applies for the entire app including the settings. The mode actually has some grey shades more than pure black. It was actually very surprising to see a major feature on a secondary app first rather than the main ap. By looking through Facebook’s perspective, it’s actually easy to add dark mode to Facebook Lite than the main Facebook app. The app has less size and features than the original Facebook app.

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Facebook is trying to get this feature on the main app also but the release has been delayed. We don’t know when the app will actually get the dark mode. The release on the lite app hints that Facebook will release it in the upcoming months. Facebook Lite’s dark mode will give us an idea that how the theme will actually look in the main app.

The slightly grey shade has been used to avoid the tearing effect. This was lacking in other apps like Instagram. Facebook has also released some solid color options for WhatsApp. We might see something similar to this on Facebook’s main app also.