CarKey To Unlock Your Car With Your iPhone or Apple Watch

Apple launched its first beta iOS 13.4 yesterday, with many features added to the new version. It reportedly has a new feature that might let you unlock your car through your iPhone or Apple Watch.

According to some media reports, the new 13.4 version has introduced CarKey which lets you use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a key to unlock any NFC compatible car with ease. It’s unclear where this feature will be accessible, some claim it may be accessible through your phone’s wallet app which also allows you to share your key to your friends or any other person you wish to share.

This service is already available in some cars, but they’re limited to Android only. Hyundai also launched a similar feature in their car by which you can unlock your car by your phone. But it is restricted to very few models. So we might see Apple doing a better version of this concept through Apple’s CarKey. But, Apple hasn’t spoken about it yet, also it is very unclear about the feature’s official launch. Apple is still working on it and trying to make a better version of this. They’re also planning to make this feature work even with an iPhone or Apple Watch which has zero battery.

Apple also hasn’t said anything about CarKey’s official release whether it will launch with iOS 13.4 or not.