Apple Rumoured To Launch The iPhone 9 In March

Apple has been long rumoured to be working on a successor to the original iPhone SE. The iPhone SE had quite a stir with its lower pricepoint that offered that top-notch features that come with the other iPhones. However, the phone was eventually pulled down from the market last year only to have its place taken by the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8. This year, Apple plans to gain back the traction in the affordable phone segments with the iPhone 9.

Apple has reportedly begun the trial production of the iPhone 9. The trial production process would be used to iron out any issues and ensure that the assembly lines are running smoothly. If everything goes well without any major issues, Apple should start full mass production by mid-February. This will give the company enough time to build up large stock ahead of its reported launch in March.

The iPhone 9 is rumoured to look very similar to the iPhone 8, featuring a 4.7-inch screen. We can be fairly certain that the phone would be priced lower than the current price of the iPhone 8. Apple sold the original iPhone SE for $399. You can expect its successor to be priced somewhere around this range. There is still so much information that we don’t have regarding the specifications of the phone.

The iPhone 9 could be the big opening for Apple to compete in most of the price-competitive emerging markets. A new release in this price segment has been long overdue and hopefully it would be just the right device that would enable Apple to penetrate into these markets.