Apple Planning To Make Own 5G Antennas

Apple phones will start getting 5G antennas soon, but Apple is trying to use its own 5G antennas. Apple is currently using Qualcomm’s 5G antennas. To kill the dependency on Qualcomm, they are deciding to come up with their own antennas.

Apple is still figuring out how to make its own 5G modems for its iPhones. Apple is will use Qualcomm’s X55 for its upcoming phones. Apple slowly wants to restrict its reliance on Qualcomm. The main issue Apple is facing with the size of Qualcomm’s QTM525 antenna which is too large for the design of the upcoming iPhones. Apple’s own antenna will help it customize it according to the design of its smartphones.  Antennas for mmWave technology is the key to better connectivity of 5G phones.

There is no clarity on whether Apple will actually use its own antennas in the upcoming iPhone this year. Many rumors suggest that Apple will release two phones – one with regular Qualcomm modem and other with Apple’s own antenna. The deal between Apple and Qualcomm was actually shocking for many people because of the poor relations between these two companies. Apple has now settled its lawsuit with Qualcomm. Apple’s dependency on Qualcomm increased because Apple’s first choice Intel wasn’t able to provide 5G chips now.

Apple is doing the right thing considering its long term benefit. Intel has a better understanding of Apple and already had done many projects in the past. Apple’s insecurities with Qualcomm have to lead them to make their own antennas and now they’re going in the right direction.