Apple Introduces Night Mode For Pictures On iPhone 11

Apple released its new Night Mode for iPhone 11 today. The feature was released through its new brand new ad. You can watch it here.

The ad starts with a lightning matchstick and continues with a text “ Photos that come out at night.” It highlights the new feature throughout the video. The ad is a compilation of many photos with night mode off and night mode on of the same picture which shows a drastic change in both the images. The direct comparison between the two images shows the Night Mode’s quality of taking pictures at night. This feature is accessible through the camera App on the iPhone.

After dominating the premium smartphone market for years and by taking many bold decisions like removing the 3.5 headphone jack and the big home button, Apple is facing much competition in recent times. Apple is looking to get more features in its latest devices. One Plus is providing many features at almost half the price. So, Apple needs to update and improve its plans to get the most of the market. Also, the camera quality of Google Pixel series is now overtaking Apple’s iPhone. This was one of the reasons to introduce this feature. Apple is also looking forward to developing a better version of this feature as other big players are also stepping ahead in terms of camera quality and features.

Though the new feature looks good, it is still very unclear that it will be enough to attract new customers.