Steve Wozniak Gets $50/Week From Apple

Steve Wozniak, well known as Apple’s co-founder revealed in a recent interview with Guy Kawasaki that he is still receiving a $50 paycheck every week from Apple.

“I’m still an Apple employee — the only person who’s received a paycheck every week since we started the company, I get $50 a week or something into my bank account,” Wozniak said in the latest interview.

Wozniak revealed many new things during the interview. “What could I do that’s more important in my life?” he said. Nobody’s gonna fire me, and I really do have strong feelings always for Apple.” Wozniak continued. According to him his existence in Apple on the payroll is due to his loyalty towards Apple. Wozniak always made some bold statements about the Indian Education system, Facebook and many more.

He likes this freedom to speak about various topics which, most of the Apple officials avoid to talk. Wozniak said “The thing is I really can’t be inside operations because I’m just too outspoken and honest, and I don’t want to give that up,”

Wozniak’s thoughts are very straight forward. He likes to speak freely. This made his involvement in Apple very less. He is the only one who is receiving this $50 paycheck every week since the foundation of Apple. He likes what he is doing now or never regrets his decisions. He also cleared that he also doesn’t like to interfere with Apple’s decisions and internal matters.