YouTube To Include Channel Previews In The Comment Section

YouTube always keep updating the platform with certain changes and improvements whether they are basic or something actually useful. The company is now testing the addition of a channel preview panel over the comment section which opens up when you click on the profile photo of the user who has commented on a video.

This comes after YouTube released a new update recently for the cast menu on Android devices with the voice control function and a remote control. This made it easier for users who use Chromecast on YouTube, helping them control and search for content in a better way.

Coming back to the Channel Preview, this will be a first for YouTube because the only way you can currently jump to any channel is by opening the channel on a separate page in the App. It will not show you the channel details on the same page which is what this new feature could bring in if YouTube decides to release the feature officially.

XDA Developers found the feature on the latest version of the YouTube App when they came across the message ‘New! Tap to learn more about this user!’ in the comments section. Upon tapping, the channel preview will show the subscriber count of the user, the subscriber button, the content that the user has uploaded and also shows when the user joined the platform. As the feature is only in the testing phase right now as per XDA developers, there is no word yet from YouTube on the official roll out.

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