You Can Now Try Experimental Features In Google App With ‘Labs’

Google has brought back ‘Labs’ in the Google App, a program where you can try all kinds of experimental features for existing products by the company. Seems like the comeback will help users check out these features on the Google App as of now and get an idea of the things to come in the future updates.

Only two test features are available to experiment right now. One is the pinch to zoom in/out features where you can use two fingers to zoom in or out of the text on the screen and be able to see it more clearly. This feature is currently a little buggy but it works decent on the Google Search results page.

The second one is very similar to the ‘Smart Screenshots’ feature of Google App that was rolled out recently for Android users. Its called ‘Screenshot editing, sharing and actions’ and it gives the user more control over screenshots for easier editing and sharing.

One thing that is really nice about Labs is that it is letting users submit the feedback for each of these features. Users will be shown a short and simple questionnaire which they have to fill and submit right inside the Google App. They can do this either via their Google account or as an anonymous Google user with an option to include the logs for the device.

Labs is currently available in both the beta and stable versions of the App. You can access it under the ‘More’ tab once you open the Google App in your phone.

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