Top 5 Camera Apps For iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro comes with an incredible triple-lens camera along with a great in-built camera App. It lets you shoot movie-quality videos without spending a dime on a professional grade camera. But, it does come with its own restriction like lesser controls while taking pictures and shooting videos. Thus, you will need to have a camera App that will help you sharpen your pictures and bring them to life. Here’s list of the five best camera Apps for iPhone 11 Pro:


If you have good knowledge and experience of how photography works, then this camera App is perfect for you. This is because you can control every parameter like ISO, shutter speed and so on. Halide will help you take the most accurate photos similar to a professional camera and make every minute adjustments with ease. You will also be able to check photo processing info in the App.

Obscura 2

A fantastic camera App that is simple in use and lets you click the most phenomenal pictures. Its very professional and allows you to click picture in landscape and portrait mode with tons of customisation. It supports a range of formats including RAW, HEIC, JPEG and more. A set of 19 filters are also available in case you want to give an added touch and make your pictures look impressive.


Its a popular camera App among Instagrammers who use it to click and edit their pictures and upload them on this social platform. VSCO now offers a more improved camera for users who need more control while taking pictures, so it is definitely worth downloading if you haven’t tried it yet. There’s also a PRO membership which will give you more added features.


This App is for those who are avid video shooters and want to adjust very single aspect like frame rate, HDR, resolution, stabilisation and more. The features on board are very similar to the above Apps and you can click some great photos as well. The minimalistic and aesthetic UI design makes the App stand out.

Camera+ 2

Best App for those who are a beginner at photography and want to learn and keep improving daily. There are many buttons and parameters which you can change for the images and enhance them instantly and the variety of presets allows you to capture different perspective and angles that one would have never imagined.

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