Snapchat Went Down Globally On New Year’s Eve 2020

Just as the New Year 2020 came in, Snapchat users around the world reported that they were not able to access the App and were pretty furious about it. The major outage took place yesterday when people are usually celebrating the New Year’s Eve and having fun with friends and family.

A website that solely detects these kind of outages called Down Detector received several reports that Snapchat has gone down for users. The reports were heard first from the people living in the UK, which then followed by European areas like France and Belgium and eventually from users in the US.

One of the Snapchat user was quite frustrated with this situation and said that he had logged out of his Snapchat and it was just not working. It kept coming up with a blank screen with only his messages and notifications coming through which he could not open and see. Another user said that he kept getting only the notification and not able to access any of his snaps.

Some users also took to Twitter and Facebook with their concerns saying that their friends are not able to receive the Snaps and wanted the issues to be fixed immediately. Snapchat took note of this issue and sent out a message on their Twitter support page saying that: ‘We’re aware some Snapchatters are having trouble using the app Hang tight, we’re working on it!

It has been almost a day now after the incident and there is no word from Snapchat regarding the fix. The company could be still working on it and may roll it out in the coming days.

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