Similar To Apple’s AirDrop, Google’s Nearby Share App Is Going To Launch Soon

Google will be launching its own file sharing service similar to Apple’s AirDrop very soon and reports suggests that this service is almost ready for release. It has been long due on Android as users have note been able to share things easily and quickly between devices and have to mostly rely on file sharing between Apps.

If you are aware about Apple’s AirDrop service, it lets you easily share files via WiFi between any two Apple devices like the iPad, MacBook or iPhone that are very close to each other. Google’s file sharing service is called Nearby Share and it will also work in the same manner and the users will be able to share files from their Android device via WiFi to another Android device which is at a distance of one feet.

Thus, the distance matters here and it won’t work for devices that are more than one feet away. There could also be a new tech under development where you can transfer data over a larger distances but the chances are very less as of now.

Companies like OPPO, VIVO, and Xiaomi have been developing their own Air-Drop feature for their smartphones which they announced recently. This shows how important this feature is for the users who don’t want to be bogged down by Apps where the sharing is slow among other shortcomings.

Nearby Share was previously called Fast Share by Google and it will make use of Bluetooth for initial pairing request after which it will run seamlessly over WiFi connection.

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