Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Images Leaked With Specifications

After a long spell of rumours, new images have been leaked regarding the design of Samsungs upcoming Galaxy Z Flip. A lot more information has been spread since our last coverage about this flip phone concept from Samsung. In the new leaks, we can see the phone shining with its beautiful purple gloss finish.

Samsung making its approach into the flip phone market has been quite questionable since its last hurdle with their Galaxy Fold design. However, Samsung seems to be making a pretty bold step moving ahead with this design. It is competing much to the likes of the Motorola Razr Flip. This could pave a great path to the future of flip phones.

At present, the Galaxy Z Flip is rumoured to cost around $1400 and have the Snapdragon 855+ SoC at its core. It will sport a massive 6.7 inch dynamic AMOLED display along with a 3,300 mAh battery that supports 15W  fast charging. The large screen size with a comparatively smaller battery seems pretty questionable on how the battery life would hold up. Information about the display resolution has not been leaked yet so the speculation cannot be definite. When it comes to the cameras, the Galaxy Z Flip will feature two 12Mp rear cameras that support both wide and ultrawide shooting along with a 10MP front camera for those beautiful selfies.

The flip phone concept as a whole seems very interesting and the possibilities of this concept is limitless. Right now at its early stages we still feel that the phone would take time to reach the mainstream markets. The complexity of its design tied to its hefty price makes it difficult for the average person to make a justifiable purchase. But we can always stay tuned for a lot more to come with this concept.