PS5 Logo Becomes The Most Popular Gaming Post On Instagram

After Sony unveiled the new logo for the upcoming the PlayStation 5 console at CES 2020, it has received five million likes by the fans on their Instagram post. The company never changes the logo design for each of their new PS arrivals and it has always remained the same with just the number being changed from PS4 to PS5.

Companies like Nintendo and Microsoft always try to keep changing the logo design with each console and make it look fresh for the gamers but that’s never the case with Sony. They never experiment with the logo design and prefer to keep it the same way. Inspite of all this, the logo for the PS 5 has received five million likes on Instagram which shows how excited the fans are and how eagerly they are waiting for the launch of the PS5.

Sony has confirmed the release of the PS 5 in 2020, somewhere around the holiday season. This comes after a gap of 7 years when the last Play Station (PS4) was launched in 2013. Its been a long time and we surely can understand the anticipation among the fans to lay their hands on the PS5.

People were actually waiting for a tease into the console itself at the CES event, but they only got to see the average PS5 logo. The logo image was posted on the playstation handle on Instagram and soon started receiving likes and comments by fans around the world. Sony will soon start promoting PS5 as Microsoft has also taken the lead with the promotions for Xbox Series X.

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