ProtonCalendar, An Encrypted Calendar App Is Coming Soon To Android And iOS

A new type of secure and private calendar App similar to Google Calendar is coming to Android and iOS this year. The App named ‘ProtonCalender‘ has almost the same functionality of the Google Calendar and will be added as a new feature under the already existing service ProtonMail.

ProtonMail is currently available only on the desktop and the company that created it will be launching another secure Calender App so that users will be able to access both the Mail and Calender simultaneously without jumping between Apps if you are using Gmail and Google Calender for your day-to-day tasks.

The ProtonCalendar will be more secure than Google Calendar because of the end-to-end encryption which will keep all your data safe. Not just this, ProtonMail will also not be able to access your personal files. This Calender will have the same features from Google Calendar like adding events, scheduling tasks, repeat some tasks on daily, weekly or monthly basis and set reminders for any particular date or day.

Currently, you can try out the web version of the Proton Calendar which is in beta and there is also a video which shows how it works on the web. This will let you have an idea on how the Android and iOS versions will look like when they’ll be released.

Speaking of pricing for the ProtonCalendar, the basic version can be used by the user for free(150 emails per day) while the premium subscription will cost somewhere around $4 a month (1500 emails per day).

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