Now You Can React To Google Duo Video Messages With Emojis

Google’s video calling service Duo has now received another new feature for Android users. This time users will be able to react to video messages with Emojis. You will have a set of eight popular emojis like the thumbs up, laughing face, surprised face, heart eyes and so on.

If you are frequent user of Google Duo, you must be familiar with the App works and how convenient it is to place video calls, similar to what FaceTime offers on Apple devices. Duo also got a makeover recently in line with the Material Theme design that can be seen in the recent version of Android and also in Google’s other native Apps.

Speaking of reactions on video messages, the feature is similar to what we see on Apps like Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, you can react with emojis on posts, stories and photos while on Instagram you can react with emojis on stories, which was introduced recently. In Duo, the emoji reacts will make it easier for the receiver of the video message to express happiness, sadness and joy and it will also be applicable for a video message sent from a Google Duo group where each of the sender can see these reacts.

The update is not huge but it does seem like a handy addition for people who are regular users of Google Duo and send/receive video messages frequently. The latest version of the App is now available on the Google Play Store, so you can go ahead and update right way to try the feature.

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