Instagram Has Added Three New Features To Boomerang Stories

Almost everyone uses TikTok these days and that leaves Instagram with very few options but to keep adding and improving the features that are already present in the App. Instagram has now added three new options to the Instagram Stories to compete with TikTok – SlowMo, Echo and Duo.

The company has also added a set of editing features for the Boomerang videos along with these new options. This is aimed to make things easier for users who create and post Boomerang Stories on a day-to-day basis and as per the statement released by Instagram, they say that Instagram camera gives people ways to express themselves and easily share what they are doing, thinking or felling with friends. Boomerang represents a very iconic part of that and is also one of the most beloved camera formats. They want the users to find new ways to explore the Boomerang feature and turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected.

Speaking of the new additions to Boomerang, the SloMo features helps the user reduce the speed of the original video. The Echo feature lets users enhance the effect of Boomerang creating a double vision effect and the Duo feature is something different where it lets you speed up or slow down the Boomerang video and add a textured effect to it. For editing, the user can now make use of trim and length adjust features with the latest update of the App. This gives complete control in the hands of the user to make their Boomerang videos as cool as possible.

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