The Growing Popularity Of Digital Payments In iGaming Sphere

With the online casino industry becoming more and more advanced in recent years, a great number of banking options have become available each with different key features and security options. These money transfer systems can allow encrypted payments, support for multiple currencies, and even biometric authentication for optimum security.In our opinion, PayPal, Credit Cards, and Bitcoin can be called one of the best choices people who are fond of gambling can make transactions with. But where is GPay? Unfortunately, at the moment Google Pay is not integrated into casino operators’ processing gateway, that’s why we can’t put it on that list.

Nowadays every type of casino player should be able to find a payment method that gives them the features that they require. Whether someone is making payments from a bank account, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency account, a modern online casino should be able to accommodate all methods of money transfer.

The different methods of payment we will discuss here include:
Credit card;


This e-wallet service makes quick secure payments both to and from casinos possible for users. This makes it a good option for those that wish to use one payment service for both deposits and withdrawals at online gambling operators. The proprietary systems that the service makes use of are also completely secure and safe so that users’ money is near impossible to steal.

Unlike many other similar payment services, PayPal can be accessed on almost all devices. This includes computers, tablets, and most modern smartphones. This ensures that making quick changes to your PayPal account can be done pretty much anywhere.

In addition to the usability of the service, the way money is transferred is also smarter than most other comparable payment types. First of all, large amounts of money can be transferred at a time, up to $10000 in some cases. The time frame for transfers is also a lot better than other payment services available today. Instead of taking days in some cases, PayPal transfers can be made in as little as a few hours.

Credit Card

Even though there have been many more payment alternatives introduced into the market in the last few years, the credit card is still one of the most popular methods. It still remains a good option for most people due to the security and ease of use that it brings. These days all of the biggest credit card manufacturers have highly advanced encryption systems in place that make it very difficult for anyone to access your financial details.

Transactions made through credit card systems are also completed reliably within a few days in most cases. Another benefit that keeps many people using credit cards at online casinos is the transfer fees. The payment fees here compete with some of the best among other popular alternatives.

The majority of credit card companies also have 24/7 international customer support available for any problems at any time.


This is one of the newest forms of online gambling payments that has gained the most interest in the shortest time. Instead of just offering a form of transferring money, bitcoin itself serves as a currency alternative. Cryptocurrency, like BTC, is a lot easier to keep anonymous than traditional forms of money. Bitcoin transfers happen on the internet only and can occur between 2 parties instantly with no intermediary.

If you’re thinking virtual money is not for you to keep in mind that bitcoin transfers beat out all other payment types in terms of speed. You can fund your casino account with untraceable money within minutes instead of days. Withdrawals using Bitcoin also happen just as quickly from a casino. The other major benefit of bitcoin payments is the transfer fees, of which there are none.

The casinos that provide full support for bitcoin also normally have above average customer support in case of any problems. This typically includes an email address, a phone number, and a live chat feature, all of which can be accessed 24/7.

So here are three main payment methods that are gaining its popularity all over the world and can easily be used right on your phone.

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