Google Drive App Can Now Be Installed On Computers

There are many sites and services that are usually available only on the web but we don’t find them as an installable App on the compute. Google has now made things easier by bringing out a Progressive Web App (PWA) for Google Drive which means that it can be installed on a computer like any other App.

If you install the PWA file for Google Drive either on your Mac, Chromebook or PC, the system will actually treat it like a native App instead of considering it as a site. The new support for PWA on Google Drive was first spotted by Android Police and they said that the functionality is similar to the PWA support which was added for Google Photos and YouTube Music recently.

With the Google Drive App as PWA, you will no longer see the search bar on top and no tabs. It will function just like a normal App giving you likewise experience. This is good for those who didn’t like the web experience of Google Drive and now they can use it directly on their computer by simply connecting to the internet.

The PWA file can installed in a similar fashion to Apps in Mac and Windows and it can accessed even faster in a Chromebook where you can place the App right in the docking menu. However, one thing to note is that Docs and Sheets are still not available inside the PWA App fro Google Drive which usually opens up easily in the Google Drive website.

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