Apple Now Lets You Customise Your AirPods Case With An Emoji

Apple’s AirPods comes with an elegant looking case but there is only one colour option for it, unlike iPhones where you have a few colours available. You could engrave letters on Apple devices earlier but now the company is allowing the users of AirPods to engrave emojis on their case while purchasing from the Apple website.

This new addition could be Apple’s way to welcome the New Year and give the users something to cheer. The emojis would be perfect if you are gifting the case to someone and want it to be special or maybe just for yourself so that it looks different from the others. Apple says that these emojis are engraved on the AirPods cases via a special process so that it looks unique for each customised case.

Some of the emojis include the popular ones like smiling face, ghost, unicorn, heart, robot, fist bump, cat, alien, poop and a few others. Consumers will be able to engrave these emojis for free on both the 2nd generation AirPods and AirPod Pro.

Currently, the option to customise AirPods case is available in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. Its a great initiative by Apple to not only make the case look cooler for the users but also help improve their sales by providing the customisations. The new AirPods Pro was an instant hit among the consumers and it has boosted Apple’s sales in the wearable segment.

To purchase your AirPods and make own customisation for AirPods case, simply head over to Apple’s product page.

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