Apple May Soon Have To Adopt USB-C Ports For Its Upcoming iPhones

We may soon be seeing the dawn of the original lightning adapter developed by Apple. The members of the European Parliament had voted 582-40 for a resolution to ensure that EU consumers are no longer needed to purchase different adapters to power different devices. The members have been overwhelmingly supportive of this decision and all this support leads directly to the bane of Apple since they’re the only ones offering proprietary ports for their apple devices. Most of the Android devices have already seemed to have made the move on to the USB C type ports.

The concerns for electronic waster generation seems to be a big factor towards the proposal of this bill. The resolution said that a total of 12.3 million tonnes of e-waste was generated annually which averaged to around 16.6 kilograms per EU inhabitant. This large number is indeed a cause for concern. The EU seems to be paving ways to minimise unnecessary factors contributing to this e-waste pileup.

The resolution also proposed that wireless charging could significantly help in mitigating the concerns for e-waste generation. However, they urge the commission to propose rules to make the wireless chargers universal and provide support to all compatible devices. The wireless charging seems to be a more realistic approach considering that there is already a Qi standard for wireless charging. Even Apple devices are compatible with this Qi standard for wireless charging. Although, there are proprietary faster wireless charging features provided by a variety of manufacturers. This resolution will leave Apple strapped to make a quick decision regarding how they wish to continue manufacturing their devices from now on.