Amazon Has Revealed Subscriber Numbers For Its Music Service

Amazon has done something which it never did before. It has revealed the numbers for its subscribers on Amazon Prime Music service which is used by Prime users to listen to their favorite songs everyday. The company said in a statement that there are now around 55 million subscribers on Amazon Prime Music, very close to 60 million subscriber count on Apple Music.

As per the statement, Amazon Prime Msuic streaming service has reached more than 55 million customers globally, with subscriptions to Amazon Music Unlimited growing by more than 50% last year alone. This comes after a year of incredible growth around the world where Amazon Music has grown nearly 50% year-over-year across the US, UK, Germany, and Japan and has more than doubled in our newer countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.

However, one thing to note here is that Amazon Prime also offers free ad-supported streaming with a select number of songs. Thus, we are not sure if these uses are also include in the 55 million subscribers list. Most probably it could all be paid subscribers similar to the statistics of other popular streaming sites like Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

Spotify is on top of the game right now with 112 million paid subscribers and Amazon will surely be looking to first cross Apple Music and then aim to achieve these huge Spotify numbers. Another important aspect for the growth of Amazon Prime Music are the cheap Amazon Echo speakers which are available for every taste and purpose as the consumer desires.

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