A Random Bug Is Making App Icons Disappear On Pixel Phones

Have you noticed some App icons strangely disappearing from your Pixel device? You are not the only one as several users have been reporting this issues recently. Its supposedly because of a small bug in the Pixel launcher that has come in with the latest security patch update from December 2019.

This bug seems to have affected the Pixel phones including Pixel 2, Pixel 3a and some of the Pixel 4 series phones as well. It happens inside of the Pixel launcher where the icons vanish out of nowhere and in some instances, you can also still see the name of the App while the icon is hidden.

When you move over to the Favorites tray in the Pixel launcher, you won’t be able to find the App giving a false implication that the App has been completely uninstalled. Not only is thus frustrating for the users, but it spoils the overall user experience while navigating in the launcher.

Many have the App icons on the homescreens for quick access. Thus, not having these icons in sight makes it very annoying for people who are used to launching an App from the homescreen. Even some of the Apps that have been added recently on the homescreen are facing the same issue.

Some Pixel users could still have been saved from this problem who may not have installed the December security patch. Google is yet to roll out a fix for this, which can be expected to come in the update for this month.

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