5 Best Offline Apps For Android

You should always have some offline Apps on your Android smartphone in instances where you can’t access the internet. Many of us don’t and we end up wasting time to search for internet. Suppose you want to listen to music and you don’t have internet, you can download and keep your songs ready on any music streaming App. These offline Apps will work anytime and you just need to have them pre-installed in your device. . Here’s our list of the five best offline Apps for Android:

Simple Music Player

Just like the name suggests, its very simple and you will get all the features of an online music streaming service for free. You can download any song/playlists externally and upload it on this App and make your own files and folders for easy access. The dark theme on the App looks great and you can make use of the default EQ’s to enhance the audio.

Download on Google Play Store.

Podcast Addict

An extremely good podcast App in which you can download and store all your favorite podcasts for offline use. The App has a collection of over 750,000 podcasts, so there is never a chance of running out of options. You will get notifications for new episodes making it easier to download for offline listening. Podcast Addict also supports Chromecast and SONOS and offers an ad-free experience for $3.99.

Download on Google Play Store.


TickTick lets you track your daily, weekly and monthly tasks and it works completely offline just like other to-do Apps. The user interface looks very simple and neat and you will find all your tasks easily. The App also gives you the ability to connect with other TickTick users and set up reminders. The free version of the App does have the useful features but you will find the rest in the paid version.

Download on Google Play Store.


A free news reader App that consists of all the latest news from around the globe. You can save any of the articles for reading offline and it also gives you the backup option in case you want to change devices. Apart from this, the minimal UI makes for an easy user experience and you can browse the news from multiple sources.

Download on Google Play Store.

Amazon Kindle

A very useful App for readers around the world and completely free to download. Amazon Kindle will let you store an endless collection of ebooks as long as you have space in your device. You can make use of the customisation features and a night mode is also available for reading conveniently in the dark.

Download on Google Play Store.

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