YouTube Premium Growing At A Relentless Pace In India, Gains 800K Subscribers Since Launch

It is hard to imagine that in a country like India where people are tight with their expenses are opting for the paid version of the YouTube service – YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. Both these paid options offer a seamless experience of music and videos where you are not interrupted by annoying ads and also able to play them in the background.

Sources say that YouTube has gained around 800,000 paid subscribers on the platform since the debut of Premium in India back in March 2019. YouTube is giving some serious competition to players like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Gaana in the country. The source has not revealed the subscriber figures for these platforms but has claimed that YouTube Premium is on top and gaining paid users at a rapid pace.

Even after being around for a decade, Gaana only has 1 million paid subscriber out of its 125 million subscribers who use the free version of the service. Actually YouTube didn’t have the 800k subscribers that easy. The company had struggled earlier on to achieve the desired results with the Premium offering as the website version already had the ability to play videos for free. But things are changing and now it seems like the paid subscribers are rising faster than before.

YouTube Music Premium also offers users to play music offline making it easier to download and listen to songs when you don’t have access to the internet. There are many other features which come in handy when you buy the paid plan which are ofcourse not available in the free version.

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