Xiaomi Adds Sound Equalizer To Mi Sound On MIUI 11

Xiaomi has introduced an equalizer on Mi Sound for all MIUI 11 users. This comes after a lot of other features have been added to this new operating system for Mi phones which improves the overall user experience. They added shortcuts to the MIUI 11 launcher, screen calibration for better color adjustments and new tools for students.

The equalizer will let you adjust the sound based on the type of earphones that is connected to the Mi smartphone. It is only available when you connect the earphones and the company is also testing a feature where the volume of the earphones will adjust automatically based on the age of the listener. It consists of three age groups – Up to 30 years old, 30-60 years old, and More than 60 years old.

Mi Sound’s equalizer will let you adjust the low, mids and highs in the range of 65Hz to 14KHz and includes the preset modes of rock, jazz, pop, classical, hip hop, blues, electronic, country, dance and metal. You can also create your preset based on your listening preference and save it for later use.

To access the equalizer, you will have to get into Settings> Sound and Vibration> Headphones on Mi Sound. For this, you will need to have your headphones connected and Mi Sound booster activated for the best results. Best thing about Mi Sound is that it lets you select your type of earphones/headphones and provides you with the most accurate audio results no matter what type of content your are consuming.

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