WhatsApp To Add Dark Theme Based On Phone’s Battery Saver Settings

WhatsApp is currently testing out its dark mode for both iOS and Android before it officially releases it. So far we know that there would be the dark theme alongside the original white theme option. But now new reports say that there could be a third theme option for the users that adjusts the theme itself based on the phone’s battery settings.

Right after Google release Android 10, several third party Apps are running behind the dark theme customization. We already have Apps like Messenger, Gmail, Instagram, YouTube supporting dark theme whereas WhatsApp will be joining this dark mode club soon, better late than never. Even many of Google’s native Apps have been modified to fit with the dark mode system settings on Android 10.

The report in WABeta Info says that users in both WhatsApp and Facebook will get three theme options under Settings. The first one will be the usual light theme which we have in the App right now. The second will be the promised dark theme that has been promised by the company. The third one will be a special theme called Set by Battery Saver which means when the battery level on the phone goes below a certain level, the app would turn dark automatically.

The battery saver theme settings will only be prevalent to Android phones running on Android 9.0 Pie while the phones running on Android 10 will have its own system default option meaning that if the Android 10 phone is in dark mode, then WhatsApp will also run on dark mode.

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