WhatsApp Adds Call Waiting Feature For Android Users

The new feature by WhatsApp for Android devices will make receiving two calls at the same time much easier. The ‘Call Waiting’ feature will allow users to receive a call between an ongoing call which used to get disconnected automatically. It promises to be a useful feature to talk with two people simultaneously via WhatsApp calling.

Call Waiting feature will help you attend all calls during a call with the help of an alert which will appear on your screen. You can either chose to attend the call with the help of the ‘Accept’ option or reject it with the ‘Decline’ option. Earlier there was no way to do this on Android and users had to end the call and then check if they missed a call from someone and call them back.

This feature was already available to the iOS users last month and it is finally being received on the Android phones. With this update, users will not have to worry about calls getting disconnected on its own without even doing anything. They can receive or cut the call as they wish while the WhatsApp call will function normally like it used to before.

However, there is one issue with the Call Waiting feature. When you receive a call in between an ongoing call, you won’t be able to keep that person on hold and inform them that you will get back to them in a moment after attending the call. Maybe WhatsApp will take care of this in the future updates.

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