Top 5 Wallpaper Apps For Pixel 4

Wallpaper Apps for Pixel 4 is usually the first thing that users check for after purchasing the device. And why wouldn’t it be? They need the best wallpapers to go either with the light or the dark theme and naturally enhance the overall look of the phone. These wallpapers can either be live or static and comes with the best possible resolution for Pixel 4. Here’s our list:


If you wish to have automatic changing wallpapers on your Pixel 4 device, then Walli is perfect. It has excellent collection of 4K and HD Wallpapers that are created by professional artists and you can also make money with this App if you are an artist yourself. Apart from this, you can select from a broad range of categories and also view the wallpapers that are trending.

4K Wallpapers

This App is about everything 4K. Its a one stop App for all varieties of 4K wallpapers with categories ranging from Animals, Anime, Celebrities to Cars and Motorcycle, Space, Photography and much more. You will never fall short of wallpapers in this App as it has over 10000+ ultra HD wallpapers for every mood. There are several customization also available including battery saver mode.


Backdrops is a very popular wallpaper App on the Play Store. It is preferred by several Android users to get their hands on unique wallpapers specifically designed by the Backdrops team. The community of users is big and you can also share your own photos in the App. You can also sync your favorite wallpapers in multiple devices with your Google account.

Google Wallpapers

Google’s very own wallpaper App gives you access to plenty of free wallpapers. The advanced features let you do several customisations and you can also add your own image to create a new wallpaper. The wallpapers are updated frequently with images from Google Earth and other partners.


Backgrounds lets you search for wallpapers that are visually stunning with excellent UI design. So no matter which wallpaper you chose, it will look great on Pixel 4. There are no Ads in the App which makes it a clutter free experience while browsing and the traffic saving feature allows you to load and preview any wallpaper smoothly.

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